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On developing deeper connections with God

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Sunday Apr 12, 2020

This special Easter episode is a sermon preached over a decade ago at a church in Broomfield, Colorado.

Sunday Feb 23, 2020

Today we define heroism and examine one of the greatest from Biblical history.

Sunday Feb 16, 2020

If you want to become a man or woman of faith, then you must be intentional about it. Learn to walk by faith. Learn to be a Faith-walker.

Sunday Feb 09, 2020

In our acts of service, especially when giving to those in need, we are to be sure our motive is toward giving something of substance to God, rather than to attain status among men.

Sunday Feb 02, 2020

Last time we learned the Gospel is simple, this time we learn it is not a 12-step program by answering a timeless question raised by a rich, young ruler.

Monday Jan 27, 2020

To believe the message is to believe in the Man, Jesus.

Sunday Jan 19, 2020

How "In God We Trust" became America's national motto.

Thursday Jan 09, 2020

Think-Biblically Today discusses techniques for strengthening the soul.

Saturday Jan 04, 2020

On developing deeper connections with God

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